Former Morrissey Fans Are Going to Need to Check Out Ben Avison’s latest Single

As a massive former Morrissey fan, the sentiment behind Ben Avison’s latest single ‘Steven, Please Can We Talk’ wasn’t lost on me. Morrissey was clearly looking for some form of reaction with his latest absurd statements, and Oxford, UK based performer Ben Avison didn’t fail to deliver. The beautifully tongue in cheek track with an equally antagonistic music video has to be my favourite retaliation to the former icon’s absurdity. All satire aside, Ben’s talent as a poignant and perceptive artist didn’t go unnoticed, his rich, yet soft vocals were the perfect way to express the reticent disdain which was riddled into the lyrics. Ironically, the jangly guitar riffs wouldn’t be out of place in a Smiths track. Under poised melody the track unfolds around Ben’s inventively genius lyrics that really do capture the embarrassment that ex-Morrissey fans are feeling right now. Steven, Please Can We Talk almost certainly deserves to go viral, just so we can watch Morrissey react to it!

You can check out Ben Avison’s spectacular video to Steven, Please Can We Talk on YouTube – it might just be the best thing that you see and hear all year. Or head on over to Bandcamp and buy the single, all profits will go to Love Music Hate Racism.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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