Foot On The Gas: Kritters vividly recall their youth on ‘What Do You Know’

With thoughts of their past whilst being young and when travelling was such a naive adventure, Kritters reflect on those moments deeply with their new single ‘What Do You Know‘.

Kritters is a two-piece indie electro-pop act who are based in both New York City and London, England. Formed by Rob Steadman and Kirini O.K, they make that deeply created sound that shows their world class intricacies in making a rare experience, that feels so lovingly created.

What do you know was written for and about our seventeen year old selves. Seventeen was an age at once painful and full of promise; we desperately wanted to escape, and we were tantalizingly close to really being able to. Rob and I both remember getting in cars or on bikes and just– WHOOSH, off and away. Certainly for us at seventeen music was key to figuring out who we would be in the world when we were finally free; now, looking back, we understand so much more keenly not just what we were escaping, but also the complicated reality of the world we were escaping to, and how little we knew of it.” – Kritters

Her voice is passionately delivered and with lots of emotion – the drumming is skilled and impressive which adds so much quality – as this unique story takes you for a riveting ride with them as they open up the back door for us to join their travels, to see what opened up their eyes before.

What Do You Know‘ from the South Bronx/UK indie electro-pop duo Kritters, is that moment when you remember those days when travelling was so exciting and had your heart beating so fast, as they drive us into a picture from their memories of these times. Life was so simple back then and your mind alive with possibilities, as you think back to what little you actually knew about this complex world.

Watch the new music video on YouTube and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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