Following The Pattern: Korfian returns with Catholic Church-inspired ‘White Smoke’

The unique Korfian is back with a hypnotizing new single all about the story of the Cardinal on a song that will have you thinking within on ‘White Smoke’.

Korfian is the music project of indie recording artist and graphic designer, Spyros Psarras who is based in Athens, Greece.

With influences such as Zola Jesus, Woodkid, Florence + The Machine, Ladytron and iamamiwhoami, you can feel his tense beat style of music, as you know you are witnessing an artist who makes music to satisfy his creative urges, not to be involved in any type of fad.

You feel his vocals wash over you, as he takes us through a lesson in history with his storytelling ability and knowledge about the subject. The lyrics open the door and lead you in, as the haunting melody flashes intensely into your eyes.

White Smoke’ from Korfian is the song that will have you in a gaze, as you think about your own beliefs and religion. This is a song that feels movie-like and will be in your mind for a while, as you try and take it all in.

Stream this new song on his YouTube and follow the IG for more release news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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