Focus On The Music: Brooklyn rapper Quilley drops lyrically impressive One Hundred Times

After being inspired to make music after a friend lost their brave battle with pancreatic cancer, Quilley turns away from those no-show cats who ruin the vibe on his candid new single Hundred Times.

Quilley is a Brooklyn, New York-based indie hip hop artist who brings forth extra RnB vibes to sooth all apprehensions away no matter the weather.

Whenever I create, my goal is for the music to connect people. I want to create a brand that embodies us being human, healthy and still have a good time.” ~ Quilley

Lyrically excellent and self-aware enough to stay far away from those fake intentions, Quilley is on top form and shall awaken those who feel like this storied genre can’t progress. It can indeed, and here is further evidence. Brooklyn is the home of top echelon emcees after all.

One Hundred Times from Brooklyn, New York-based indie hip hop artist Quilley is a song made from the heart and shall ring from the ears for many an hour. With a constantly strengthening flow, which is rather hungry and packed with intent, this is something rather special. Alleviating our minds rather impressively, this is a hugely worthwhile release which shall furnish the rumbling stomachs of the underground.

Tune in to this new single on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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