Flourishing after darkness: Zilla.Zill drops outstanding new single ‘Swear to God’

Taken off the brand new highly ambitious debut ‘Eudaimonia Deluxe Culmination of Beauty‘ album, Zilla.Zill shows us his astonishingly self-aware flow on ‘Swear to God‘.

Zilla.Zill is a skillful electro-hip-hop emcee/producer/skater from gorgeous U.S. Virgin Islands, who now resides in Houston, Texas. He makes that meaningful music that aims to spread smiles around to those who need it the most and makes others happy, through his own unique blend of catchy realness that is certainly memorable.

Inspired by the legends Childish Gambino, Tyler, The Creator, Kill Bill: The Rapper, Kota The Friend and more, he fills up our sandwich with a crunchy bite-full of ravishing raps, that will have you nodding your head in admiration for the fast-rising truth-talker.

‘Eudaimonia is Greek for happiness or more accurately ‘human flourishing, prosperity’ and ‘blessedness’.-Zilla.Zill

With an atmospheric lo-fi beat that slowly morphs into a hip-hop wonderland that feels like it was made in the clouds, he takes us on a fun journey about the importance of keeping fresh, staying away from stress and making sure that you floss thoroughly. He is an optimistic free-thinker who clearly kick-flips over any obstacles that unwisely stray into his clear pathway.

He sounds ready for the next step in his life as the pressure of the debut album is gone and he can now experiment with whatever genres he sets his mind to.

Swear to God‘ from Zilla.Zill is a piece of absolute gold in this fake plastic world, full of sell outs and flashy no-soul posers. This is a classic-feel song that shows you that you can drive in your own lane and bring others with you, on your beach daydream story. He didn’t fit in before as they were on a puppet-string, but he is on a different world and growing in confidence as we speak.

This is what music was intended for anyway. Being yourself and making those groovy tunes, that turns anxious frowns into cheerful smiles.

Hear this captivating artist here on Spotify and see more from his journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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