Florida-based The S-ft F-cus feels loveably infected with romantic feelings on, ‘This Divine Love’

Taken from his recent 6-track release called ‘Lousy w’ Love‘, The S-ft F-cus shows the kids what a riff should sound like with the dreamy new single that shall have you feeling like you are in another dimension entirely on, ‘This Divine Love‘.

The S-ft F-cus is the solo passion project of Florida, USA-based Australian indie rock veteran, Danny Lee Allen, who makes the kind of music to get your body grooving all night long.

One thing I’ve learnt from some of the fantastic songwriters I’ve worked with is not to waste time pushing directions you’re not 100% sure of. It’s like that old dating mantra, “if it’s not a hell yes, then it’s hell no” meaning I take an idea to its logical conclusion and then promptly move on. As soon as I’m even slightly unsure about a part or lyric, I just leave it and come back.” ~ The S-ft F-cus

With a cruisy-cool mentality that features some of the best guitar skills you might hear all day, The S-ft F-cus shows us this passion project that feels so relaxed, as if there is no point to prove at all. Layered with a festival-like ambience that sends your heart shuddering with excitement, this is a smashing exhibition from an artist who shows us his intent with a really intricate performance up there with the best.

The title is Lousy with Love, which initially sounds like a reference to ‘one who is bad at love’ but it’s actually used in the sense of abundance. It actually comes from lousy hair (as in having lice) which makes it even funnier to me. To have so much love surround you, you’re practically infected with it.” ~ The S-ft F-cus

This Divine Love‘ from the Florida-based Australian rocker The S-ft F-cus leads us into a track that feels like could have been made in the 70s. There is such an aura of calmness here that has you feeling inspired for more, as your eyes widen and you realize that you were actually wrong about that romance you thought would work out. Sung with real intensity and an almost psychedelic vibe of discovery, this is a single made with expert skills and an energy that feels just right.

Embark on this new adventure on Spotify and see more news via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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