Flocci – LIMIT BREAK: A Filthy Aural Attack of EDM That’s All About the Bass

Slapping a genre label on up and coming Houston, US-based artist Flocci’s latest single LIMIT BREAK would be completely redundant. To create the filthy aural masterpiece, he incorporated a smorgasbord of bass-heavy EDM styles with an urban edge to create a soundscape that probably won’t be for you if you don’t appreciate harsh high octane beats. But if you love nothing more than hearing dubbed drops weaved into a fast-paced Hardstyle track full of ominous undertones, it won’t be long until you turn to Flocci by default when you’re looking for an attack of harsh snaring electronica. LIMIT BREAK mainly runs through as an instrumental track, yet there are still some Rap-style vocal offerings, and an infinitely endearing addition of a Mario Kart sample.

You can check out Flocci’s latest single LIMIT BREAK for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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