Flirt All Night: Couvo wonders if their words are actually true on Purgatory

Sung with a fabulously passionate vitality and showing us why it’s so important to leave a frayed romance sometimes, Couvo guides us into the bar that has him sensing that he’s in the wrong place altogether on Purgatory.

Couvo aka Josh Couvares is a Brooklyn, New York-based indie alternative solo singer-songwriter who makes that ear-bending music that is simply world class.

We’re still waiting for that tomorrow. And to me, that sounds a lot like purgatory.” ~ Couvo talking about the idea that sparked his latest album, The Drinks Are Always Free in Purgatory

With an enormous voice that deserves the big stages, Couvo is in an inspired form of magical proportions that will embrace you tightly and lead you into a happier world.

Purgatory from Brooklyn, New York-based indie alternative solo singer-songwriter Couvo is a vital single for those who feel stuck in a relationship that has reached the end. Urging us to close the door and not be controlled by someone who would rather flirt right in front of your face with someone else, this is a stunning experience that will shake you awake if you were in a sleepy state before.

Opening the door and getting a fresh start is sometimes the best move of them all.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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