Flight Brigade – Housefire: Paced to Perfection

The notes throughout Flight Brigade’s latest track Housefire flow with the sweetest resonance, each melody, each verse pulls you in to the discord. The immersive progression of the band is no doubt a reaction from the chemistry orchestrated by each of the 7 band members that make up the talented collective of Flight Brigade. For me, the real stand out instrumentalist had to be the inexplicably gifted guitarist who pertained with an upbeat jangle, throwing in the occasional awe-inspiring riff to create the ultimate anthem with this track.

The bands narrative tracks unwind and unfurl into gripping stories in which they don’t have to tell you the story, you feel it through their enigmatic lustre. I can only imagine how powerful a live performance from the Flight Brigade would be with their hauntingly orchestral melody, infringed by the roaring jangle of the guitar. Of course, the mixed sex band have been compared to the likes of Arcade Fire & Of Monsters & Men, but that comparison doesn’t encapsulate the raw power that Flight Brigade have created through this track.

Check out the mesmerising official music video to Housefire on YouTube via the link below:


-Amelia Vandergast.

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