FLAT 26 – Prove It ; This Such A Slush Of Sweet Eargasm

A brilliant start off in a fine tone of smooth soothing vocals that gets you really submerged in its awesomeness is what can be generally summarized about Flat 26’s “Prove It”.

It’s liberating enough to just lay back and experience in its full glory the amazing way this artist so maturely crafted its art in mild sonorously tempo throughout the playtime of this song.

The sweet vocals and the melody of this song will be the essential major key to put you in a transfixed state; a place of good pleasurable and good dose of happy feeling is over laid.

That Melancholic chills and heartfelt emotion that surrounds all Justin Timberlake’s music is the same property this song is made of. The balanced inter switch of different background musical instruments used in this song further added some amount of sweetness to the already well cooked beat.

Oh, that’s almost an interscribe slush that gives off a tender smooch to the earbub of whoever that listens to the indelible masterpiece. I can’t help but recommend this song every lover of good music.

This song is well mastered and well placed. The lyrics is quite light and very easy to sing along. “Prove It” by Flat 26 is such a slush of sweet eargasm whose aura and drift is translunary.

Quality Sound, Great Song, and Enchanting Voice is exactly what you’ll make of this piece. I sincerely would love to listen to more songs from FLAT 26.

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