FISCHER-Z – Big Wide World; A Special Kind Of Classic Song

Fischer-Z, the band of John Watts – who has had a career spanning 41 years – boasts 20 albums and over 3000 shows spanning the globe with Fischer-Z, their latest EP – F01 – released on April 6th will be available in a truly unique way; the F-Card – effectively a USB credit card.

This is a song that exudes the perfect aura of an 80s classic hot record in its pure form. For those who haven’t heard of the name ‘Fischer-Z’ before now, this is the perfect introduction you need to get accustomed to the awesome beat of John Watts’ band.

Fischer-Z’s glamorous career has many highlights, having performed alongside some of the biggest names in music: James Brown in East Berlin, touring with the likes of Dire Straits and The Police and making an appearance on stage on the late Bob Marley’s final tour.

There are four cards set to be released, each boasting unique add-ons from live clips, exclusive offers to a selection of songs. F01, the first to be released contains three songs, Big Wide World, No Bohemia and Vitriol Skies.

And the album first start kicked off with ‘Big Wide World’. An interesting song that started with the baritone that’s meshed in a sonorous melody. The singer recollects  his past life experience and how much he missed some part of his younger self.

“Take me home mama, I’ll do what I am told”….Yeah we are do have those “I need a break” teen moments, here in this song, the artist’s reminiscence of his own teen moment is what inspired the song with a hook as soothing like this one.

Not to forget in a hurry, the backup singer whose vocals splashed on the hook of the song did a fantastic work as well. If you enjoy classic or probably a song that sound like an 80’s pop classic, then this song is the best Easter gift you should give yourself now.

Live Shows

1st May – Glasgow – 02 ABC 2

2nd May – Newcastle – 02 Academy 2

3rd May – Birmingham – 02 Academy 3

5th May – London – 02 Academy Islington

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