Finger-style legend: Portland, Oregon’s John Evergon is remarkable on ‘Hallelujah’

Fantastic finger-style guitar greatness that is perfectly encapsulated by John Evergon on ‘Hallelujah‘ as a spark of lazer beams strikes your gloomy heart, and gives you the electric energy needed to fill up the blood-hungry veins inside your soul.

John is influenced by mainly Jazz, Blues, and Rock and this is musician who looks into life deeper than most. The self-awareness blusters through like a cleansing wind that wipes away the rubbish around and soothes our tired hearts. He is an award-winning songwriter who seems to really dig deep into your conscious and amazes with his splendid acoustic storytelling.

The emotional symmetry is beyond fathomable as his turns a song into something much more. This is an ear-warming experience that makes you stare out the window and wonder why the world is so fake when there is magical music like this around.

No vocals are needed at all on ‘Hallelujah‘ from Portland’s great finger-guitarist John Evergon. His uniquely evolved style of instrumental music is an experience that makes you appreciate the underrated musicians that spend years and years, crafting their music until they feel that the time is right. The endless search for that little bit extra bit of quality that makes them feel happy inside is tiring, but ultimately worth the many hours of lonely nights.

After all, putting out music is scary enough, you want to be proud of your creation so that your songs can be timeless and listened to by generations to come.

Stream this splendid song on Spotify and find out more about the Oregon local on his FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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