Finding The Path: Keeper Lo bravely sees the light again after much darkness on ‘Venus’

Taken off his much-anticipated ten-track ‘Moly‘ album, Keeper Lo takes us to a new place of renewed vision for our souls to learn from on the superb ‘Venus‘.

Keeper Lo is an electric Chambéry, France-based glitch-electronic producer. He smartly webs a vividly inviting style of music which has your body twitching with utter delight.

You quickly feel a sense of thrillingly emphatic euphoria whilst your eardrums shudder in anticipation — the vocals and busy beat stretches your mind like a rubber band — each second shows you where the key is hiding, so you may find yourself away from where you are locked in currently.

At the age of 8 years old, I was living in Lyon, France, with my father. He used to play on loop an old CD compiling the best tracks of the early 2000’s House Music.” – Keeper Lo

This is a song that catches you slightly unawares, the stunning dreamy texture feels distinctively like you are dipping yourself in a refreshing waterfall, after a long hot and sticky day. Each moment in this almost unbelievable state has you feel re-energized to be better and to open the window, to climb out of the undesirable cold and dark corner of gloom.

Venus‘ from the French glitch-electronic producer Keeper Lo, has your racing thoughts up above high, as you speed happily through a track of disbelief with the skill-level of this young artist easy to hear. He looks up where others look down — as he takes us for a galaxy-hopping journey in his reflecting spacecraft — that has you feeling like you are definitely on another planet.

Seeing that bright light in your eyes again, is certainly a feeling you never want to forget.

Hear this striking audio link on YouTube and see the social story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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