Find Your Way: Winchester’s JayetAl are at their imperiously ingenious best on ‘Moonshot’

Released from Strong Recordings UK, JayetAl lights up our curious minds like a match on paraffin with the lead single from their new mini-album ‘Connected‘, on the reach-for-your-dreams ear-shaker called ‘Moonshot‘.

JayetAl is an indie EDM duo who are based in Winchester, UK. They fuse a stunning spark-filled blend of magnificently projected pulsating Post-Rock and ambiance-packed apocalyptic live Electronica into one sound, for your surprised senses to dig deep into like a cheeky cat on a comfy cushion.

Featuring outstanding visuals that gets you in the mood to party all night, this is a terrific track to gather your thoughts so you may reach only upwards. With outstanding solo guitar riffs filled full of easy-to-spot greatness, intriguing vocals which has you listening closer, and a busty beat to get your hands raising only one direction, there is so much to wrap wonderfully into.

Moonshot‘ from the confident and well-respected festival regulars from Winchester, UK named JayetAl, is an EDM party guzzler that will have you taking a strong sip of that electrifying music you really want to bathe happily inside like a foamy dream. This is such a radiant effort that swirls tastily into your music palate, to give you a sense that you have just witnessed something rather special.

Check out this well-made music visual on YouTube and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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