Find catharsis in the candour of Yen Won’s dreamy alt-rap hit, Never Fade Away

The Cali born and raised 23-year-old Korean-Japanese rapper Yen Won’s latest new wave hit, Never Fade Away, is an ethereal technicolour dream. While the strong and steady backbeat brings the energy in line with the fervidly delivered rap bars, there was plenty of room in the short and sweet mix for lush reverb and the transcendentally ascending electronica motifs which enabled Yen Won to effortlessly establish his distinction in the semi-lucid soundscape.

Beyond dying alone, the fear of fading away weighs heavy on the psyche for many, but only artists as vulnerably bold as Yen Won would ever care to admit it. By doing so, he exhibited the commonality and tore through the stigma. It comes as no surprise that thousands of listeners find solace and catharsis in his candour.

Never Fade Away is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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