Fight Like Sin: The Band Proving Rock Metal Still Has a Place in 2018

Fight Like Sin

Within the first five seconds of hearing the filthy amount of guitar reverb, I knew that Fight Like Sin’s latest Rock Metal single “Save You” was one I wouldn’t forget in a hurry.  Yet, around the archetypal crunchy guitars, Fight Like Sin incorporated some intricately glitchy instrumental effect to add an infinite amount of depth to their sound before the verse fully kicked into gear.

With all of the aggression of Nu-Metal yet the melodicism of Rock Save You unfolds as an anthemically assertive metal anthem. The single is driven by the raw, uncompromised vocals which soared above the instrumental mix. Yet when it came to the solo’s it became clear that each of the five members contributed to the essence-packed synergy of their sound.

You can check out Fight Like Sin’s latest single Save You from their upcoming album “Identity” by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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