FieldsAndPlanes – Alice: Chillwave to take you Down the Rabbit Hole.

FieldsAndPlanes have just released their Indie Alice in Wonderland theme track, whilst they lose out on points for originality for a slightly overused down the rabbit hole theme. The track is flawless, sticking with the confines of Synth Indie Pop, the futuristic sound creates an electric ecstasy behind the debut track Alice. The drops could be a little more veracious, yet overall, Alice is a monumental mid-tempo track that’s perfect for mixing up your Chillwave playlists. The clear-cut vocals from FieldsandPlanes Vocalist creates a subtly haunting aural alchemy over the track which perfectly contrasts against the bouncing synthy mix. We’ve all felt like we were falling down the rabbit hole from time to time, yet no one has vocalised the feeling quite as succinctly as Columbus, US based singer and delectable mind behind FieldsAndPlanes Fran.

If you’re a fan of Dead Disco, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Angel Olsen and Goo Munday, you’ll love Alice by FieldsAndPlanes. The track was first released on March 13th, 2018. You can check out FieldsAndPlanes track Alice on SoundCloud

FieldsAndPlanes music is available to purchase through their website

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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