Feyesal – Days Away: Proving Pop Doesn’t Have to Come with a ‘Perfect’ Polish.

Dubai-based artist and producer Feyesal kept the world waiting long enough to hear him lay down his vocals on a mix. The day finally came when his single “Days Away” dropped in 2018, and I’m fairly certain that I can speak for everyone who has had the pleasure of listening to the raw Pop track in saying that it was well overdue.

There’s a clear command of pitch and harmony in his vocals. Not only were the vocals flawless, but they also sat in perfect synergy with the melodic Pop beat he created. The lo fi feel of Days Away added to the pure unrestrained passion which was poured into the soundscape. With most lo fi tracks, its not always too easy to crank up the volume and let the melodies of the track breeze by, but with Days Away riding the waves of the beats is all too easy.

You can check out Feyesal’s single Days Away for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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