Ferris shares affectionate coming-of-age anxiety with his latest indie pop-rock earworm, ‘growing up with u’.

Ferris’ colourful melodies and cutting lyricism have already seen his feisty take on indie pop-rock go viral. After racking up over 1-million streams with his, quite literally, infectious single, Zombie, he’s unleashed his sticky-sweet summer pop anthem, growing up with u, which discernibly deserves to go viral too.

His latest single explores the anxiety that kicks in when youth starts to slip away, and our tendency to look around for affectionate ways to stay grounded. It’s a stellar track. In every conceivable way. The commercial potential is resounding, but more impressively, the way Ferris embraces his authenticity and utilises his pop-punk attitude brings a stark sincerity to growing up with u. The candid and sporadically abrasive lyrics that construct sharp lyrical hooks take this radio-ready indie-pop jam to the next level.

The Miami-based artist and model has exactly what it takes to become a household name. Get him on your radar before he does.

Ferris’ latest single is now available to stream via Spotify.

Connect with Ferris via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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