Feral Spells – Pocalypse Bummin: The Experimental Rapture of Off-the-Wall Synths

Raging Parties in Desolate Places by Feral Spells

I have no doubt that when Feral Spells composed their single Pocaypse Bummin from their latest album ‘Raging Parties in Desolate Places’ they wanted to create a truly confusing yet simultaneously inventive sound.

Whilst the incredibly polyphonic prelude has you wondering if you’re about to become aural witness to a track composed by Fisher Price toys. By the time the track picks up in momentum and you hit the bridge you find yourself in a friendly, if not a little bit of a strange mix. As much as I appreciate experimentalism, the amount of digital effects thrown in there served as quite the distraction from the talent that Feral Spells audibly has.  If you can bring your attention to the happy Pop melodies and the heavy throbs of the muddy guitar there is so much to appreciate about Pocalypse Bummin.

As a concept album Raging Parties in Desolate Places makes perfect sense; it’s a smorgasbord of love-fuelled happy vibes which would make any cynic smile. After listening to the album in its entirety Feral Spells starts to make a little more sense and his ingenuity is unquestionable. There are few artists who can weave euphoria out of such an un-archetypal sound.

You can stream or download Feral Spells’ latest single Pocalypse Bummin out for yourselves by heading over to BandCamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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