Feminist Punks Jigsaw Youth Unleash Angsty Aural Indulgence with “Acidic Child”

Acidic Child by Jigsaw Youth

With Jigsaw Youth’s latest single “Acidic Child” caustic Punk and swampy Grunge sit hand in hand, allowing two iconic soundscapes to converge in an angsty aural indulgence. The NYC based Feminist powerhouse may have borrowed a few elements from varying genres, but the authenticity behind their invitingly volatile sound definitely isn’t something which you hear every day.

While in parts you’ll pick up on reminiscences of Rage Against the Machine, there’s also the inclusion of Slayer-Esque riffs proving that we’ve come a long way since the Slits picked up guitars they didn’t know how to use and took to a stage anyway.

Each instrument sits tight in the arrangement – which is still perceptible through the fuzz and distortion, while the constantly evolving vocals move through different facets of anger giving Acidic Child an aggressively cathartic feel.

You can check out Jigsaw Youth’s latest single Acidic Child for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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