Feelings Lost: Kyle Sirk brings us the thoughtful track about those memories that faded away on ‘Heavy On’ (feat. Noah Marr)

With a deeply lit tone that has you feeling extra introspective, Kyle Sirk is back with the bass on low with the new single all about those relationships that have run their course on ‘Heavy On(feat. Noah Marr).

Cleveland, Tennessee-based indie hip-hop artist Kyle Sirk makes that supremely motivated music as he is only focused on growing and succeeding. Its this extra fire that sees him wanting to see his hard work to the finish line, that drives him to push as hard as he can go.

Their music flow has you sparked up, your eyes are alight with thoughts on what went wrong and how to fix things. Life is a crazy game and you just want to win once in a while after all.

We are enterprisingly wrapped into the relevant message of once wanting someone so bad, as then it all faded away like the winds of change, as you just knew that you needed something more. You were together just the other day but its not the same now, as you wish they were the vaccine but they just make you feel all empty and lost inside.

Heavy On(feat. Noah Marr) from the hard working Tennessee hip-hop artist Kyle Sirk, is a track that has you feeling super reflective, as you gaze into the sky and wonder about past love and what it was all supposed to teach you in the end. With a mellow style, this is a perfect track for those rainy days when you just want to be by yourself so that you can replenish your energies, as you work out what to do better next time you fall in love.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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