Feeling Mezmirized: No Coast Son wishes they could too just let go on Orion

Roaming in the dark and vast barren wastelands to find that healing light again, No Coast Son tries to lift off the ground but somehow stays stuck to the past on Orion.

No Coast Son is an Oklahoma City, USA-based indie experimental songwriting duo who grew up singing on church stages from their youth.

They look to share their sound with everyone who needs a dose of positivity or looking for something new and unique.” ~ No Coast Son leads us into their vision

Trying to avoid the stinging sensations that can bite your smile away forever if you let your history dictate your future, No Coast Son shows us the substantial weights that can drag you down like an anchor in life.

With a terrifically catchy sound which will get your heart beating quicker than before and showing us their deep lyrical ability, you will find yourself looking at old pictures during this fine single.

Orion from Oklahoma City, USA-based indie experimental songwriting duo No Coast Son is a delightful effort that is made with such an ode to that dark cupboard which can open up old wounds and grip your soul like a tightening rope. There is an introspective edge on offer that is certainly their strength and might cause you to sit back and pause for a few minutes.

Finding your light is the key to opening up the future.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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