Fear Rua – good for the kids: Intelligent Electronic Ambient

good for the kids by Fear Rua

Dylan Murphy is a music teacher residing in Rhode Island. He is addressing his artistic concerns by creating music under the alias Fear Rua. Being the jack of all trades that he is -he appears to be a proficient player of the piano, guitar, bass, ukulele & trumpet (!!) my appetite was all stimulated for an intellectual listen. And that is precisely what he delivers with his composition “good for the kids”.

Ambient seems like a suitable tag for this experimental electronic synthesis. With a length of almost 8 minutes long, the song presents an admirable efficiency to have your attention locked under its jaws until the last second. And I can’t say that there are any dramatic transitions taking place, although some parts may bring to mind Aphex Twin. I find this tune rather smart, as it combines the ambient softness with frequent glitches, resulting in a musical landscape that I think it can bring joy even to listeners of the most mainstream music.

This is far from wallpaper music, there are things happening here, ambient electronic music fans do not let this slipped under your radar. Listen to it here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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