Fat Stallion – Ask: An Artful Take on Experimental Rock

Every now and again an up and coming artist leaves you speechless when it comes to defining their sound. Which usually happens when encountering truly authentic soundscapes such as Fat Stallion’s single “Ask”.

The celestially soulful feel of Motown and Northern Soul was infused into an instrumental arrangement which gave off nostalgic Soundgarden vibes. The slightly haunting vocals succinctly layer over the soft progressions of the guitar, and intricate fills from the drums creating an artful air over Ask. Ask is about as mesmeric as music gets. Your attention never falters away from the synergy, funk, and catharsis found in the single as it continues to evolve throughout the duration of the single.

But that despite how many reminiscences I allude to, there’s little I can do to prepare you for Fat Stallion’s creative ingenuity, or just how strikingly distinctive the vocals are.

You can check out Fat Stallion’s single Ask by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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