Fa’Shotime – Locked Behind a Sickle Cell: It’s Time for a New Perspective

Normally, when you scroll through YouTube’s comments, you will find everyone either a) people thinking they’re a music critic, or b) people being as pedantic as possible but take a look through the comments for Fa’Shotime’s latest awareness single was almost as heart warming as listening to his latest track Locked Behind a Sickle Cell. Such clever lyricism over a resounding, haunting, immersive beat was never going to fail to win me over. It’s far too easy to get lost in the depts of Locked Behind a Sickly Cell as you’re gripped by the pangs of grounding empathy.

The perspective that the track offers is one of the most sobering, messages I’ve ever heard. As someone that (ignorantly) knows relatively little about the condition Fa’Stotime provided an eye-opening experience that won’t be quickly forgotten. I will always believe that music should serve some benefit to the audience, it shouldn’t just be a platformed for aggrandized rappers to spit bars when they’ve got ideas above their station.

Check out Fa’Shotime’s track Locked Behind a Sickle Cell on YouTube which was released on April 14th 2018 now and make it as viral as it deserves to be.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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