Fall Down an Aural Rabbit Hole into Tony Marino’s Latest Experimental Jazz Piece “The Layback Tango”

Jazz and World music may not be the most accessible genres which you’ll find in the airwaves – they’re those weird genres which you may happen across if you switch on the radio at 3 am. But for anyone who appreciates aural alchemy, there’s no better genre to tune into. US-based Jazz and World Music composer Tony Marino seems to have no trouble when it comes to drawing more people into the appreciation of the smooth, rhythmically arrestive soundscapes.

With “The Layback Tango”; just one of the tracks you’ll find on Tony Marino’s 2019 album “Tango Silhouette”, there’s an exotically alluring sensibility behind the instrumental track which ebbs and flows through experimental arrangements. Expect chaotic piano keying, arrangements which run with feverous passion, and some which sound like the sound effects of falling down an aural rabbit hole.

You can check out The Layback Tango along with the rest of Tony Marino’s latest album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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