Fake Blond – Sweet Adolescence: A Prodigal Plateau of Melodic Indie Synergy

The Arctic Monkey’s may have sold out, but Fake Blond certainly haven’t with their first ever single recently released on Spotify ‘Sweet Adolescence’ The Utah based trio’s style bleeds pure archaic rock reminiscence through the soaring guitar hooks and charismatically sweet yet raucous vocals. To create their synergistically fresh sounds, they take inspiration from some of the most iconic acts of recent decades such as Velvet Underground and the Strokes whilst incorporating the jangly melodic synergy of 60’s Surf Rock with punchy Post-Punk basslines which packs plenty of knee-weakening reverb. With an already radio ready sound I can’t see them sticking around for long on the underground.

With their debut release, Fake Blond proved that they’re so much more than just a revival band, their style takes their sound to a brand new prodigal plateau of pure resonant Indie bliss.

You can check out Fake Blond’s latest single Sweet Adolescence on Spotify now. Whilst you join me in the bitter sweet anticipation for the release of Fake Blond’s debut EP which is due to drop August 2018.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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