Fading Out knows that his actions have been rather reckless lately on ‘Falling Apart’

Opening up his heart and showing us the truth that many would rather choose to hide away in a concealed cupboard, Fading Out wonders when everything will be normal again on the emotional new track to hold your lover tightly with, ‘Falling Apart‘.

Created by Evan Bieber, Fading Out is a Brooklyn, New York-based alternative singer-songwriter who makes anthem-sounding music that belongs in the movies.

Fading Out’s reflections on relationships, isolation, and growing up radiates through his direct storytelling.” ~ Fading Out

Performing with a magnetic blend of intensity that has you pondering if you are too much sometimes, Fading Out displays a really calming touch after all these wicked storms of recent times that have been rather rocky to handle.

I wanted it to sound like something I grew up listening to, without feeling like I was copying a sound that already exists. I grew up on pop-punk music and love the energy and emotion that it brings. I also love the feel of today’s indie music and especially songwriters who tell specific stories.” ~ Fading Out

Falling Apart‘ from Brooklyn, New York-based alternative singer-songwriter Fading Out is a wonderful single that has your mind thinking rather deeply about how relationships are held together. Showing us that he needs a rock right now while he works out a way to vanquish his inner demons – this is an apology for being difficult – to his loyal lover that he cherishes rather intimately.

Hear this honest new release on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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