FACEF8 – Made it Out: A Stylish Hit of 90s Pop Nostalgia

If contemporary Pop has moved too far from the smooth rhythmic offerings from 90s Pop for your liking, FACEF8 has released her much anticipated 2019 single “Made it Out” to take you right back to the iconic era of Pop. With layers of R&B and Hip Hop feeding into FACEF8’s polished multi-layered beats serving as the perfect platform for her smooth vocal style, there’s no sweeter hit of Pop nostalgia.

Yet, despite the amount of passion which the French-born London-based singer-songwriter poured into her single, there was a discernible lack of distinction in her sound to truly set her apart from what we’ve enjoyed time and time before. But that’s not to say FACEF8 doesn’t possess the talent which will allow her to stamp down her original style.

You can check out FACEF8’s latest single Made it Out for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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