EYVA – Mother

The music found here is the most ambient, the most chilled, mixing beats with gentle atmospherics, ethereal vocals with cutting edge  electronica, filling space with the most transient of structures, gossamer thin musical textures and softly chiming grace. Mother takes the form of wistful and relaxing mood music but trips over into after hours, clubland chill out zone music with its spacious, meandering beats and has an otherworldliness that sees it hang between ambient pop and the soundtrack to a sci-fi move.

It also revels in a wonderful tribal feel ironically driven by electronic beats but still managing to sound ancient and not of the modern, urban world at the same time. Trying to be any more probing about the music itself would be like trying to describe why a flower is beautiful, a scent emotive or a sunset therapeutic. This isn’t music to be analysed, this is music to be absorbed. Sit and soak it up, its enough that you do that.

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