Eyrnestine – Sunflower: Globally-Inspired Good-Vibe Neo Soul

Now that we’re veering ever closer to the icy grips of winter and bombarded with Christmas music, having sun-soaked singles on your playlists is always going to be a good shout. To save our frostbitten souls, the up and coming artist Eyrenestine has released her latest soulfully vibrant single “Sunflower” which is the 5th single from her upcoming EP “Pulling Weeds”.

The smorgasbord of sounds which is served in Sunflower up contains everything from the visceral warmth of Afro Neo Soul to the smooth intricacies of Latin percussion. With such mix of globally eclectic elements feeding into the light popping rhythms of Sunflower there’s an international accessibility to the sound. Sunflower carries just as much harmony as it carries good-vibe emotivity.

Eyrnestine’s latest single Sunflower is now available to buy and stream across all major platforms. Head here to check it out for yourselves.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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