Ever Wondered How “The Day The Aliens Saved The World” Would Look Like? Steve Gardner Explains Exactly This

With all the current global issues where everyone seems to be turning against each other on the verge of yet another war, we all wonder if there can ever be some extraordinary event that will unite us all together. Living in complete harmony is our humanity’s biggest dream and in his song “The Day The Aliens Saved The World” Steve Gardner explains how a mysterious event on the moon creates enough distraction from our never ending list of issues that allows us all to unite and solve this interstellar mystery.

With a distinctive rock and roll sound reminiscent of high waves at the beach and surfboards portraying a fun and humorous aspect behind the song, the lyrics are straight froward and to the point with a strong sense of narrative which describes exactly how events would unfold on this very special day. With a powerful chorus that explores changes in the harmony which creates contrast with the verses, the sound of the song is distinguishable in an insisting way which becomes infectious and puts the lyrics at the centre of attention. With these wittily crafted set of lyrics Steve Gardner indeed explores a fantastic event that could potentially bring strength and transform us into the unified humanity which we all wish for.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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