ETR Feat Maria J – Scapa Flow: Mash Up Mutiny

Scapa Flow is one of those rare new sounds that you’d never have anticipated hearing in your life time. It screams originality through the chaos of the mixed up genre’s. First you have the raucous guitar riffs that you’d expect from any self-respecting rock band. Then there’s the chorus that are resonant with the classic soul funk electro sound to introduce Maria J’s flawless vocals. Not over polished or under produced. They fuel the track with alluring energy. She’s gifted with the sexiest vocals I have possibly ever heard, with just the slightest twinge of Shania Twain. She encapsulates the same charismatic energy as the classic rock lotharios such as Buck Cherry & Aerosmith, however with a sound so contemporary, and fresh it transcends every label that you’d care to stick upon it.

The underground artists ETR teamed up with Maria J to create this absolute gem of a single. That’s sure to go down a treat with rock, country, and electro fans alike! The arrangements behind the track work like magic to fuse all of these upbeat empowering sounds together to create a track I can guarantee you won’t be able to press play just once.

Keep your ears peeled for their upcoming album and expect more sensual raucous wonders from this enigmatic collective of musicians.

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