ENRICH – Far Away: Romantically-Driven Electro Power Pop

Given the recent additions to the Electronica charts you’d be forgiven for believing that romanticism doesn’t belong within Electronica music anymore; but ENRICH (AKA Henric Johansson) is the Swedish artist bringing instilling the notions of romance back into the genre.

Far Away was the first track to be released from the up and coming artists latest EDM Pop album and is sure to be enjoyed by any fans of eighties electronica acts such as Depeche Mode, Human League and Soft Cell. The lyrically driven mix rests on the backbone created by the succinctly concordant synth melody which is mixed up through the use of harsh 808 snares. Riddled within the track is a smorgasbord of lush hooks and euphorically enchanting breakdowns under ENRICH’s captivatingly deep, varied, resounding baritone vocal ability. The ultimate effect is an aurally alchemic offering of pure, unadulterated emotion amplified with pitch perfect digital mastering.

You can check out ENRICH’s single Far Away from his album ‘Happiness’ which was released June 2018 on SoundCloud now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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