Emma Houston – the Ghost of the East Wing: The Insanity is Catching

I’m no stranger to pensively keyed Alternative music, growing up on the sounds of Emilie Autumn and the Dresden Dolls, yet Emma Houston’s latest track ‘the Ghost of the East Wing’ simply blew me away. Her haunting acoustic style, which the delightfully macabre recording artist describes as ‘AsylumWave’, is made all the more pensive by the drastic poetry contained in her lyrics such as “he died cause no one bothered to tell him he was alive”. Is there anything than that? Probably not. Well, maybe the other 9 tracks that make up her debut album ‘Patient #104’ which is now available to stream across all major platforms. The insanity behind Emma’s sound is most definitely catching, I absolutely adore the way she’s embraced the strange and not tried to squeeze into the suffocating constraints of society and it’s straight jacket to appear normal for the best chance of selling the most plastic records.

Check out the Ghost of the East Wing on SoundCloud using the link below:


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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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