Emj – IN A MINUTE: Pensively Ambient, Melodiously Arrestive Trap

Emj has recently dropped their latest pensively ambient Trap mix “IN A MINUTE”, with candid lyrics which dig deep, and a masterfully melodious beat, appreciation of this smooth hit comes all too easily.

Emj has proved with his latest single that it is possible to spill raw emotion into a Trap mix without making any compromise to the concordance. IN A MINUTE offers plenty of melodic catharsis through the intricate Spanish fingerpicked guitar rhythms which sit in perfect synergy with the deftly timed soft smacks of the 808s.

The vocals also do their fair share when it comes to increasing how hard this downtempo track hits. Instead of hiding behind copious amounts of reverb, they run clean, and the poised pacing of the spoken word bars allows every line to resonate.

You can check out Emj’s single IN A MINUTE for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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