Emily Rath – Can’t Say No: An Empoweringly Raw, Timelessly Classic Ballad

Emily Rath has proven with her latest single that the two key ingredients to a soul-splittingly poignant love ballad are soul and sass.

The up and coming songstress’ style is raw, unedited, and undefiled by contemporary demands of the Pop industry. The acoustic piano melody creates the perfect platform for Emily to place her perfectly pitched vocals which verse some of the most viscerally deep lyricism I’ve heard in quite some time. The lyrics carry so much weight through the San Francisco based performers tentative yet empoweringly beautiful vocal range which add to the blissful ambience of Emily’s latest single Can’t Say No. We’ve all been there, we’ve all felt driven away from our own passions and realities to cater to someone else’s appetites, but thankfully, Can’t Say No will be the soundtrack to many people’s empowerments after they drink in the powerfully reflective and resonant lyrics which are so much more than just an offering of introspection.

You can check out the stunning official video to Emily Rath’s latest single Can’t Say No, which was released on July 2nd on YouTube now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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