Emilia breathes new life into the world just when we needed it most on ‘Paradise’

With her teasingly much-anticipated full album out for release later on this year, the sultry, polished and sweetly natural sounds of Emilia, drifts us into a love inspired wave which might send your imagination into a peaceful dream in ‘Paradise‘.

Emilia is a Toronto, Canada-born indie-pop/RnB singer-songwriter who is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and seems to flow so beautifully into every creation.

It talks about the exciting beginning feelings of falling in love and wanting to enjoy that time with your person.” ~ Emilia

Showing much enticing progression from her debut release in 2020, called ‘Almost There‘, Emilia graces us with possibly the hypnotic summer lover track of 2022 so far. ‘Paradise‘ is a tasty sip back into that perfect time you get excited about. When nothing else was around. You were in the moment and it felt like you were under the spell of someone so ridiculously enchanting.

Paradise‘ from Toronto, Canada-born indie-pop/RnB singer-songwriter Emilia might have you smiling softly to yourself as you feel the wonderful glow of a newbie relationship. That early stimulating part which feels like it will last forever, as your heart stops for a few seconds and you say things you wouldn’t ever reveal about yourself with anyone else in the world.

True love is when you just know, right?

Witness this beautiful release Spotify and see more about this angelic soul on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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