Emerging London Hip hop artist Kashi Sankara knows that he will undoubtedly get it all on, ‘That’s What I’m a Do’

Taking his spot right near the top of the game with masterful aplomb, Kashi Sankara means business on a new track that should ingrain that much-need conviction in your pounding veins as you reach for your attainable goals on, ‘That’s What I’m a Do‘.

Kashi Sankara is an extremely confident London, UK-born indie Hip hop artist who was raised between London, Lagos and Atlanta.

Taken off his debut 6-track EP ‘Kashimawo‘, Kashi Sankara shows us how he is unhurriedly flowing that true artistry back into the minds of rap fans all over the world. His sword-like lyrics are tightly projected like a ninja and well-written to slice with venom, containing an enlightened philosophy that is ready for the big time no matter what anyone else says.

His music hopes to inspire in the face of self-doubt and encourage others to seek the unconventional in order to make their aims a reality.” ~ Kashi Sankara

That’s What I’m a Do‘ from London, UK-born indie Hip hop artist Kashi Sankara is a punchy presentation that will certainly please all underground fans of this diluted genre. With so much ravaging violence and familiar drug-fueled stories hogging the attention of many, this is a welcome return to the timeless feel of that real storytelling excellence. This is a highly enjoyable track that shows us that extra belief is needed to really make it, in a crowded pond that can drown you out in an instant.

Listen to this new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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