Emelie Rose – No Boundaries: Succinctly Soulful Stigma-Smashing R&B Soul 

Up and coming R&B Soul Swedish artist Emelie Rose has created a bruisingly hard-hitting single with their latest single “No Boundaries”.

I’ve heard enough heteronormative R&B Soul to last me a lifetime. Refreshingly, Emelie Rose has used her deft talent to remind the world that love has no boundaries. The stigma of same-sex relationships is fading, but not quickly enough. And I can’t emphasise enough how essential artists such as Emelie Rose are in 2019. Homophobia still exists, let’s not pretend otherwise. But it would be hard for even the most closed-minded to ignore the true soul behind this soundscape which poignantly reminds the listener that love is love.

The gentle wails of the organ join a downtempo blissfully rich soundscape leading you through a comfortingly jazzy neo-soul mix which allows the sentiment to resonate even more succinctly.

You can check out Emelie Rose’s latest single No Boundaries for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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