Emdykay – 301: A Debut of Anthemically Engineered EDM

Emdykay’s deubt EDM drop ‘301’ is perfect for anyone looking for a melodically fluid arrangement which has plenty of hooks and drops which collide through the otherwise ambient mid-tempo mix.
301 is the first single Emdykay has released so far, as first drops go, I’d say they don’t get much more promising.

The harsh smacks and snares of the EDM work in contrast to the synth in this digitally rendered offering of pure anthemic summer-soaked hype. How Emdykay managed to riddle that amount of breakdowns and build ups into a three minute track I’m not all too sure, but what I am sure of is that Emdykay is the ultimate testament to his talent and command over euphoric soundscapes.

There’s little room for vocals in the instrumental only beat which carries plenty enough emotion through the momentum of the progression. In short, 301 won’t fail to leave you hyped, so check out Emdykay’s latest single which dropped July 2018 on SoundCloud now and whack it where it belongs; on your EDM Dance playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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