Ember Rev – England’s Finest Hour: Conceptually Concordant Art Rock

My initial reaction when I first saw the track title was ‘dear God don’t let this be an angsty offering of national pride’, thankfully it’s anything but the sort and I was absolutely blown away by Ember Rev’s (AKA Dan Ecclestone) stunning Alternative Rock single England’s Finest Hour. Bowie may not be with us anymore, but thankfully, tracks such as England’s Finest Hour help to plug the aural vacuum we’ve been left in after the recent musical rapture took away our finest conceptual artists. It’s clear that England’s Finest Hour isn’t just another assimilation of sound, it’s a project born out of passion, pure ingenious Art Rock passion, which is riddled with so much complexity it should be any self-respecting audiophiles absolute dream.  Ember Rev’s multi-lingual offering contained within the extended duration track was undoubtedly one of my favourite elements as I soaked up the Cambride, London based artists fabulous drawling vocals.

You can check Ember Rev’s latest track out for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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