Embassies – Pop Betty: Jangle Pop Doesn’t Get Much Sweeter

Pop Betty is the angularly astounding latest single from Embassies 2018 debut self-title EP. Their rhythmically guitar-driven punchy approach to sound is one which will never go out of fashion. With such an eclectic mix of styles riddled into the orchestration of Pop Betty the soundwaves translate as a fresh, high-vibe energy that is far from archetypal. The lyrics to their standout single are tinged with romantic innocent introspection, which, you don’t tend to hear from Indie Pop Rock outfits much anymore, thankfully Embassies are a band which exude the traditional style with a prodigal funked up twist. If the Beatles were still making music, I expect it would sound a little like Pop Betty.

The Arctic Monkeys may have sold out, but the embassies have kept it as raucously rhythmic as ever with their latest single which you can check out via Spotify now along with the rest of the tracks from their 2018 EP. Each track from their debut album proves that Embassies are an instrumental powerhouse of a band. With their ability to stamp down their instantly iconic style through their debut EP I can only imagine there is much more to come from Embassies.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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