Elijah Jamal – Little Secret: The R&B Soul Track That’s All About the Bass

Anyone who appreciates the funk offered by deep scratching acoustic basslines in R&B definitely shouldn’t hesitate in checking out Elijah Jamal’s latest single “Little Secret”.

The depth of the bass is amplified especially when it rests against the hits of the drum pads alone, and with the layers of harmony courtesy of Elijah Jamal’s smooth crooning vocals, Little Secret is transformed into an easily accessible, soulfully poignant soundscape.

Rather than overcomplicating the single, Little Secret is a track which progresses with sincerity, soul, and an authentically rhythmic pull. There’s plenty of progressions, ensuring there’s minimal chance of you tiring from the sticky sweet aural mesmerism offered by Elijah in this radio-ready hit.

Head on over to Elijah Jamal’s website where you can check out their previously released tracks and videos.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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