Elijah Blond Makes His Debut with a Moody Urban-Laced Electro Pop Hit – “Whispers”

Up and coming artist Elijah Blond certainly didn’t struggle when it came to finding admiration for his debut single “Whispers”. In the short time since the single’s released, thousands of fans have already been enamoured by his striking approach to a chilled slow jam. The tempo may be slow, yet the track retains plenty of momentum from the atmospherics of each heavily reverberated note which sets a dark and moody tonality.

In terms of genre, Whispers defies practically every single one, yet incorporates elements of Indie, Electronica, Pop, and Trap to create a pioneeringly rich sound which is universally appealing. To see Elijah Blond ascending the charts in 2019 wouldn’t come of a surprise when considering the prodigal nature of his sound mixed by his emotively raw, unquivering vocal strength.

You can check out Elijah Blond’s debut single out for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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