Echoes from Ashes – Down: I’m Not Crying, You Are

As a massive InMe fan, how could I not fall in love with the latest single from the up and coming recording artists Echoes from Ashes?

Down is a cataclysmically deep, almost harrowing Rock anthem which almost veers to the ballad arena. The riled energy behind the vocals makes Down one of the most piercingly emotive Rock tracks I’ve checked out recently. The vocals pair to the flawless progression of the instruments an almost overwhelming sense of remorseful melancholy hits you.

The thunderous reverb from the guitar carries the perfect amount of swampy Grunge synergy, against the tight drum rolls and relentless smashing of the cymbals are almost enough to leave you with palpitations. The progressive styling of the instrumentals is surely enough to satisfy even the most hard to please of Rock snobs, the solo’s and the intricacy of the breakdowns should be enough to leave the rest of the underground Rock artists audibly shaking.

You can check out Down for yourself by heading over to YouTube, or you can purchase their 5-track self-titled EP by visiting Echoes from the Ashes website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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