Dvme The Artist is gonna make us ‘Pack’

Soft, gentle rhyming vocal flow mixes with killer beats and funky guitar parts to tell a story of a breaking relationship and that feeling of ‘should I stay or should I leave’ that surely we’ve all felt from time to time; that’s what Dvme (pronounced ‘Dame’) brings us on new single ‘Pack’, a mellow, laid-back slice of Hip Hop-tinged-R&B (or R&B-tinged-Hip Hop).

It’s chilled, it’s got some bounce, the guitar and sampled female spoken-voice parts add interest, and the poetic lyrics have got some serious groove and flow. It’s a strong, solid track, and it bodes well for Dvme’s new EP, due later this year.

You can hear ‘Pack’ on YouTube. Follow Dvme on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

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