Dust to gold: Greek band Pulse. raise our heartbeat with the terrific ‘Red World’

Taken off their latest eight-track album recorded with a real purpose in mind, Pulse. illuminate our minds with the vividly stunning effort called ‘Red World‘.

Pulse. are a Athens, Greece five-piece alternative indie-rock act with a clear vision for making music to help bring us closer together, in this polluted world full of garbage and divisiveness.

Inspired by the different cities they have been to over the years, you can certainly feel the British-fused sound lighting up their three guitar core and strong vocals, that only transmits a welcome edge that is so sharp and mighty.

This is the story of finding that person you used to be, through a special lover that lights up your mind again. The world is red right now as it burns to the ground and by meeting that mind-changing human, you can find the open door again and flourish like you should.

The electric guitar sizzle captures your body into a different type of trance you are used to, as their energy has your heart beating extra fast to their whirlwind sounds of magnificence.

Red World‘ from powerful Greek five-piece gems Pulse., is a translucent sound of meaningful emotions from a riveting band that play music to bring this planet happiness, away from all the bad things going on. This is a sterling effort that sprays only sunshine through the cloudy skies.

Hear this top track on Soundcloud and see more info about future live shows soon on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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