Dunno What The Hell I’m Sipping: DRUZi looks for the no-names party on ‘Tight Rope’

With a bounce in his step and a smile on his dial, DRUZi is only keen to live one moment at a time as he looks to meet someone who gets his whole vibe in life and doesn’t care about what his name is on ‘Tight Rope‘.

DRUZi is a Arvada, Colorado-born indie singer/rapper. He makes that catchy, honest and live-for-today type of music, that is full of truths about the world and the people who he meets daily.

I became an artist to bring a light on the slowly failing societal structure of large nations. To put it simply we don’t care about people that do really good things in the world. We’d rather watch an idolized pop star put on a mask and dance for the crowd.” ~ DRUZi

Saucing the mic with some tasty beats and with the cheeky charm brewing that keeps him alive and kicking – this is a compelling track full of being with someone who wants to do the same things you do – and doesn’t judge you for your habits, no matter what they are.

‘I am a new artist that is trying to make it. I love snack trays, Bugattis, and fine biddies.” ~ DRUZi

Tight Rope‘ from the Colorado-born indie hip-hop artist DRUZi, is the true story about just going for it and never looking back. He isn’t too keen on thinking too far ahead as he is having too much fun now, even though some days are so hazy and it feels like his life is spinning out of control. With a gritty taste attached for our enjoyment and a truth-filled pack of bars to keep us totally interested, this is the exact type of unorthodox track you need in your life.

Keeping things spontaneous in this weird world, is certainly a smart idea.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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